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Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

Tons of hugs, loads of smuaks, forever young makes love you rock! Let your friends know how special they are and thank them for being part of your life. 
I didn't want to have this date unnoticed, so I'm sharing you with some interesting stuff to get you into the mood.

Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14th February, the feast day of St. Valentine. It is a traditional celebration in which lovers, partners and married couples express their love and affection for each other. In some countries it is known as The Day of Lovers or The Day of Love and Friendship.
These days it is celebrated with the exchanging of cards known as valentines, with patterns on of hearts or Cupid; but with the rise of the Internet the custom of exchanging virtual cards has also increased. Common as well is the tradition of giving roses or tokens of love.
Since the nineteenth century, people have exchanged cards and gifts like roses and chocolates. The gift of roses is common between couples, friends and family, and the colour of the roses determines the message expressed. For example, the red rose symbolizes love, white represents peace and yellow represents friendship.
However, like most holiday celebrations, Valentine's Day has been commercialized and now many think it seems more like a celebration organized by the shops and department stores as any hint of romanticism has been lost.
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Fancy to pick-up some love idioms?
Next, an activity in which you may have to 'google' for the exact meaning. :-D How about to pencil in your deepest thoughts using this idioms? (share them with us in the 'comments' section)

Be head over heels in love
It shows that person loves someone very much. He thinks all the time about his love and feels dizzy when his love is around him. Then he is called as head over heels in love.
To fall in love
If you fall in love that means you began to feel love for someone.
Wear your heart on your sleeve
It means express your feelings freely to the person you love and make known how much you love him/her.
Love is in the air
Love is in air refers as the romantic environment around you. Love can be felt everywhere as same way as you can feel air, love is always there with you.
To be lovey-dovey
Couple who express love in much romantic way for each other in between everyone is known as lovey-dovey.
To be smitten by someone
It says that you are affected by someone and fall in love for that guy.
A heart-to-heart
Tell honestly and freely about your feelings to your love by just starting with the word, heart to heart. It means you are telling your emotions to the person you like.
Cupboard love
It is said as conditional love to some extent because it stands for the love that is given in response to certain behavior to gain something back.
Puppy love
Teenagers’ love is called puppy love that gradually decreases as they become older. This type of love seems first sight love like when someone sees the just born pop and falls in love immediately. Teens fall in love but their love is not mature as adults.
Two people who love deeply to each other are called Lovebirds like parrots show much affection towards their mates.
Love is blind
When people love strongly someone, they overlook the faults of their lovers. They do not consider how their lovers look like. Lovers see the things only which they want about staying together with each other in elimination to friends and family. In other word one can say that in love people become blind against their love.
All's fair in love and war
This idiom means that unfair behavior to win the heart of person you like is acceptable and you are not cheating you are just trying to convince your love.

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